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Technical Platform

1. Surgical Technology

  • Wincon has the capability of stereotaxic surgery to target specific brain regions and nuclei for drug delivery, is able to carry out surgeries including neurosurgery and others at different parts and of different types. We can design, develop and implement new surgery protocols according to different needs so as to meet customer demands for different complexity and types of surgery.
  • Wincon has an experienced, well-trained surgery and post-surgery care technical team;
  • Wincon has been equipped with complete vital signs monitors, anesthetic apparatus and surgical equipment. 


2. Behavior Technology

  • Evaluation on voluntary motor behavior: qualitative and quantitative evaluations for the animals’ total locomotion activity, and assessments for fine motor movements of upper limbs;
  • Non-motor behavior evaluation: used to evaluate the non-motor symptoms such as depression and anxiety;
  • Cognitive function evaluation: qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the cognition and working memory  using manual and computerized devices;
  • Assessment on the  function of joint: treadmill device to assess function of limb joints.
  • Clinical scoring: Qualitative evaluation of disease severity by scoring the clinical manifestations of animal models according to recognized scales or independently constructed scales .



3. Imaging Technology

  • Routine Imaging Technology: X-ray, CT, ultrasound, fundus photography and fluorescein angiography
  • Anatomical/Functional MRI technology: MRI, fMRI, phMRI.
  • Molecular Imaging Technology: can synthesize various radioactive isotopes (F-18, Tc-99, In-111, Cr-89) labeled tracers and perform PET/CT and SPECT scans.

4. Lab Analysis and Test Technology

  • Biochemical and metabolic parameters tests;
  • Quantitative analysis of proteins
  • Histopathology technology;
  • Cell culture

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