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NHP Tissue Products

NHP Tissue Products


WinconLab provides various NHP biospecimens including biofluids, tissue blocks of the central and peripheral system from different normal ages and disease models (e.g. PD, Diabetes). All the specimens are collected using WinconLab Standard Operating Procedures and maintained good quality in our tissue bank. Since the specimen in a disease status is provided with one in age-matched normal status as its control, it offers a unique, reliable resource for investigators to conduct basic and translational medical researches in your interesting fields.

实验动物体液产品 实验动物脊髓组织产品 实验动物脏器组织产品
Biofluids Spinal Cord Organ

- Serum: Attachment 1
- Plasma: Attachment 2
- Cerebral Spinal Fluid: Attachment 3
- Urine: Attachment 4

Fresh Frozen Tissue

Attachment 5

Fresh Frozen Tissue

Attachment 6

 Technical Services 

Winconlab not only can help you with the sample collection and also provide various technical services to meet your research needs:

体液及组织标本采集 脑及脊髓和组织器官的处理 组织库产品

Biofluids and tissue collecting

Brain, Spinal Cord and Organ processing:


- Histology Service
- ELISA Analysis
- Western Blotting (WB) Analysis.

- Frozen tissue (or) sectioning

- Fixed tissue (or) sectioning
- Paraffin-embedding (or) sectioning

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