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Quality and Compliance

Wincon is currently accredited by AAALAC international, first accreditation in 2006, passed on-site inspection in 2009 and 2012.

Compliance and animal welfare assurance

Wincon has an independent Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for strictly review of every study plan and assurance of humane and scientific usage of all animals during the experimental process from the aspect of overall animal health and welfare, so as to make sure their ethnics and welfare meet with the international standards on the care and use of laboratory animals. 

Wincon conducts compliance management on the facilities, environments of laboratory animals, and care and use of the animals according to AAALAC’s guideline. The IACUC regularly inspects and supervises  animal welfare and environmental enrichment, animal care and health monitoring program, the occupational health care and personal safety protection for staffs, poisonous and sedative drug management as well as the qualifications of personnel involved with experiments.

Quality Control

Wincon laboratory operates in a GLP-like mode.

  • Regular personnel training and training record management
  • Review and supervise the formulation and execution of standard operation procedures (SOPs)
  • Inspect experimental records and relevant reports, ensure the accuracy and reliability of experimental data.
  • Regularly inspect and calibrate experimental instruments.
  • Regularly submit written reports to laboratory manager and project investigators to point out existing problems and propose solutions.

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